Danger Of A Good Trainer PICHow can a good trainer or coach be dangerous?

OK, “dangerous” is a bit strong (guilty!). Not in any obvious way, of course – but in a sneaky one.

Good trainers and coaches (especially great ones) are extremely valuable and can be the catalyst to your personal transformation – from knowledge, to accountability, to being your #1 cheerleader.

But here’s what you (and they) may not realize.

And it has to do with belief and confidence.

Oftentimes when we seek out a professional (or a diet program, for that matter), we don’t recognize that we are putting full and unabashed confidence and belief in someone or something other than ourselves.

Let’s face it. Some trainers unknowingly volunteer to be their client’s crutch.

You can’t NOT get results because, heck, so-and-so trainer is awesome. So-and-so coach is “the best”. Everyone gets results with XYZ diet, and so on.

That very belief – confidence in the trainer or process – is the foundation for our results.

Do you get that?

Belief and confidence are the foundation for any results you get.

So what’s so “dangerous” about that?

When your belief and trust is in the trainer or the program, rather than in your increasing ability to create habits, make good choices, and put in consistent effort with the trainer’s guidance, you‘re likely to create only temporary results.

Handing it over to a trainer or a program is like blinders for second guessing ourself. It allows us to mute the “is this the right way?” voice in our head. Like taking a commitment pill and washing it down with a glass of conviction.

And that gets results! At least as long as you’re working with that trainer, or “doing” that program.

If you desire long term – lifestyle kind of stuff – cultivate a mindset that YOU are the one that’s really creating your results.

Sure, a trainer, coach, or meal plan guides you, but recognize that ultimately YOU are the one that’s making choices.

YOU are the one that lifts the dumbbells. YOU are the one that drives your car to the gym. YOU are the one that gets your grocery shopping done so you have great food in your kitchen. YOU.

And each time you recognize this very thing, you strengthen the belief-in-yourself “muscle” and belief in your ability to create your own reality.

The take-home is this: Be mindful of where your confidence lies. Even if you’ve given way to a trainer or program, you are still making every single decision in the execution.

Don’t fool yourself into believing that “because my trainer said so”, or “because that’s the plan” are what gets results.

Your decisions get you results.

Every decision you make is yours and yours alone, and that is the very thing needed to shift from mostly a belief in your trainer or program to a strong belief in yourself.

So when you hit day 22 of your 21-day Sugar Detox, or Ms. Super Trainer you’ve worked with for years suddenly moves to Nebraska . . .  instead of floundering around and looking for the next crutch, you’ll be able to say, “Wow. Look at all the little choices I made each day that got me these amazing results!”

You’ll embrace what’s next. You’ll move forward with confidence and belief in your ability to execute, catch your balance, make good choices, develop new habits, and yes . . . ultimately get results from your small daily efforts – not from your superstar trainer, world-renown coach or miracle meal plan.

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