A Moses

AMoses250Working with Michelle has changed the way I approach food and fitness forever!  Not only did she help me achieve my immediate goals, she gave me the tools necessary for a lifetime of continued mental and physical fitness.  Ditch your Shrink. Ditch your trainer, your diet, and your workout plan.  Heck, ditch your family Doctor! Michelle is better than all five combined and is the answer you've been looking for.

A. Moses
Vancouver, WA

Jon G

Primarily, my goal has been to gain lean body mass in the most natural and healthy way possible to compete in the natural, amateur physique contests. Before starting working with Michelle, my training was okay and my nutrition was very poor. I really wanted to find someone with firsthand knowledge and experience; and for me, that expert was Michelle. I am happy and grateful for having the chance to work with her; and in a short amount of time, my monthly gains have nearly doubled by applying her guidelines, and philosophy. Furthermore, she is always available for me, and has the flexibility to do hourly consults; this works perfect with my very busy schedule!

Jon G.

Frances F

FrancesF250My hourly consulting with Michelle has become a valuable life tool for me.  It goes without saying that she clearly knows her 'stuff'! I expected that.  But I was pleasantly surprised that she really probes beneath the obvious 'diet and exercise' rules to a place of a more personal connection.  I'm talking about the fact that everything she addresses is specific to me, not a generalization. Having someone like Michelle address my body's specific needs; from nutrition, supplements, workouts and life triggers is more than I expected.  Our hour sessions are packed with information, I always leave a session thinking, 'wow, I learned a lot right there' but more so that I have something tangible I can put into practice.  I like that our hour sessions are completely organized to be exactly what I need at that time!


Frances F.
Ontario, Canada

Valerie Bisharat

Valerie-BisharatAfter researching fitness coaches for over a year, I stumbled upon Michelle’s YouTube channel and instantly knew I’d struck gold. While I consider myself knowledgeable about fitness, I was looking for someone to take me to the next level and help me prep for my second Figure show. From Week 1, Michelle nailed my body chemistry - and left me in complete awe of her intuitive understanding of the human body. I got in the best shape of my life, which I could not have done alone. As the months passed, I also noticed how Michelle had implicitly helped right my relationship with food, wellness, and my environment. She helped me connect back to myself. On top of it all, I came to understand that Michelle is just as invested in my journey as I am. She thrives on supporting her clients, and her commitment to helping others absolutely radiates outward. Every time I talk to her, I feel lighter, happier, and more connected. I can’t recommend Michelle enough - it’s as simple as that.

Valerie Bisharat
Piedmont CA

Shanon Roberts

ShanonRoberts250In the year and a half I have been working with Michelle, I have not only gained a much better understanding about nutrition and the impact it has on my health, but I have also overcome health challenges, and most importantly I have a gained a friend. When I started working with Michelle in 2012, my goal was to lose fat and one day figure compete. However, life took a different turn and I found myself challenged by some very serious health issues possibly related to adrenal fatigue. Michelle’s extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise, coupled with my learned ability to be more aware of my body’s responses (a result of Michelle’s coaching), led to healing and repair of my body and I am once again back on track to apply what she has passed on to me and acquire the physique I envision for myself. While I consider Michelle a “cut to the chase” coach who knows what she is doing when it comes to optimal diet and training for physique results, I now also view her as a friend who is passionate about the health of the whole person – spirit, soul and body – and I am more than grateful to have her as a continued key person in my life.

Shanon Roberts
Columbia City, IN

Katrina Wilson

KatrinaWilson250I have been working with Michelle Anderson for a little over two years now.  She has been an immense support in my mental and physical fitness journey and has been an outstanding figure and life coach.  She is honest in her opinion and maintains a high level of respect and positive interaction with her clients. Like an avid student, she continues to expand upon her knowledge of all things health and fitness related which not only demonstrates her personal commitment and passion to the industry, but also contributes to the personal enrichment in her client's daily lives. Her approach to coaching and training is invaluable as she tailors programs specifically to the individual, not to the mass population.  Training with Michelle has been a real life changer for me. She has been instrumental in getting my body to the current health and condition that it is in today and will continue to remain my fitness coach.  When working with Michelle, I know I'm working with the best!

Katrina Wilson
Vancouver, WA

Stefanie Basso

StefanieBasso250I contacted Chelle for online competition prep coaching towards my first 2 NPC Figure Competitions.  Nervous &excited altogether, Chelle educated and grounded me to achieve my fitness goals.  As a single mother of 2 young children, recently divorced & with active Crohn's Disease complications, chelle reminded me that we can achieve anything we desire.  Her knowledge in nutrition & fitness is paramount & she equipped me with foundational roadmaps to lead a healthy & fit life.  I highly recommend her for coaching & training!

Stefanie Basso
NSCA-CPT, NPC National Figure Competitor

Thriving Mother & University Instructor
Hilo, Hawaii

Brandy Seal

BrandySeal250Michelle is more than a coach, she is my mentor and continues to bring an abundance of knowledge to the table when it comes to living a life of balance.  In 2009 I decided to take another try at Figure Competing and knew there had to be better way of prepping for a competition.  My past experience was not the greatest and left me with a bad taste in my mouth to say the least.  Michelle completely changed my view of what prepping for a figure competing is about, not just the food and weight training, but the mental aspect, and working smarter not necessarily harder. In 2010 I stepped on stage at The Emerald Cup feeling and looking the best I ever had. Since working with Michelle I won an Overall in 2012 and completed my goal to compete Nationally.  Today I sit at a much better place physically and mentally when it comes to food, weight training and being fit.  For me, figure competing will always be in my blood, but for the first time because of Michelle I have learned that life is the true competition.  You don’t have to be prepping for a bodybuilding Figure stage to get into great shape – as living a life in balance, being comfortable in your skin and working smarter not harder is what matters the most.

Brandy Seal
Personal Trainer at Results Fitness
Seattle, WA

Sandy Robinson

SandyRobinson250Michelle, I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful coaching in nutrition and support that you have given to me. To discover that I had been under-eating all my life was a shock! I had felt 15lbs overweight all my life. Eating more calories, good carbs etc. and cutting out gluten was not difficult and yielded great results.

Thank you, thank you.

Sandy Robinson,
in my 70’s and enjoying it.

Madison James

MadisonJames250Had no idea how meeting Michelle would literally change my life!  In 2009 I decided to do my first bodybuilding competition. Now at the time I really thought I was in shape. Former Division 1 collegiate athlete, always active, lifting weights, running,  in the gym 2-2.5 hours a day. But, I had no idea what my body really could do.

Thru the Internet I went on a manhunt/search for a figure coach.  I had only requirement: to find a coach who teaches. After interviewing and talking with many highly recommend coaches, I learned that many bodybuilding coaches are not teachers – usually carbon-copy workouts and ones-size-fits-all meal plans . . . (I use that term loosely). Nobody is the same,  and after a show . . . what then?  It’s very important for your sanity to convert this level of fitness to a LIFESTYLE.  And this is where Michelle is different!

Michelle really cares about her clients. I credit Michelle to where I am now. She teaches a lifestyle, and is always finding ways to transform your life, both in the gym and outside the gym. She was key in helping me see the bigger picture, and I'm so grateful to her for that.

So when you decided to make that change to get healthier, Michelle will guide you with her knowledge of REAL EATING. People should not ask you if you’re on a diet, because you are not. Depriving yourself will only work for so long, and it’s not good for you mentally, physically or spiritually.

Michelle is wonderful she will walk with you hand-in-hand thru the experience. Do your part: have a great attitude, listen, and do the work. I'm proud to call her a friend and fitness mentor!

Madison James
Atlanta, GA
Radio and TV Personality, Fitness and Lifestyle Blogger
for AJC.Com and National NPC Figure Athlete


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