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If you’re anything like us, you have a deep desire to really live a healthy lifestyle, and look like you do.

You realize that a few food tweaks + exercise hacks will help you get there – but part of you deep down knows that it goes far beyond just diet and exercise. You’re tired of doing “all the right things”, but NOT getting the results you expect.

Or, even deeper: You’re tired of doctors saying, “Well, you’re normal”, but normal shouldn’t feel like this, should it?

Or deeper yet: When you do embrace healthier habits (That’s it – I’m eating better starting Monday!), you’re beating yourself up by Saturday when you find yourself at the bottom of a potato chip bag (or cookies, anyone?).

Let’s See – Have You Ever Felt . . . 

  • Confused about what to eat? Carbs, no carbs? Fruit? Is such and such healthy?
  • Perplexed because so-and-so gets results, but you can’t?
  • Disappointed because you’ve gained back the weight you’ve lost?
  • Prisoner to your “genetics”, or unfit “lineage”?
  • Frustrated that you’re not getting results, despite eating better and exercising?
  • Lost as to why your doc says you’re normal, but you don’t feel normal?
  • Guilty for not exercising, but don’t know which kind to do, specifically?
  • Stressed-out, or a stress-case most of the time?
  • Driven to improve your relationship with food, but don’t know where to start?
  • A nagging voice deep down that questions whether you’ll ever have the body and health you so deeply desire?

Great! You’re in the right place!

Of Course . . .

Working together as a team is the best way for me to show you how you can turn this around. That all the answers you’re looking for to be your healthiest, fittest self, are already inside of you – you just have to learn how to listen (oh, yah, and have some stellar guidance and a few awesomely simple, effective tools and tests to help ya out)! Since I obviously can’t work with everyone (true, but you CAN contact me for availability & to be added to the wait list for private coaching), I’ve created unique audio intensives that are – dare I say – nearly as good as the real thing. And if you’re not quite ready for that – I get it. Still wanna date before we get serious 😉 – I have a whole bunch of other stuff that can help you out, for free:


You’ll find a collection of posts on food preparation, nutrition, health, stress management, helpful links, and A’s to readers’ Q’s.


Most every week I discuss a topic in the Beyond Burning Fat Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher – I’ve been told, from a fresh, unique perspective, wink wink – and offer actionable tips and advice to help you implement, question, or reach your goals.

MichelleFit TV

It’s my YouTube Channel dedicated to teaching health and fitness from a visual perspective – yah, I love illustrations as teaching tools. We break down Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Reduction & Mindset.


Interact with me LIVE on Periscope to get a real-time breakdown of all the things we talk about here . . . ask questions and join our tribe. Search for “Michelle Herzog”, or the handle @chellefit. Can’t wait to meet you!


On the Facebook page you’ll see helpful links, food pics and short recipes, along with a little behind-the-scenes . . . make sure to “Like”!

Private FB Group

You can request access to the private FB group Beyond Burning Fat Coaching Group if you are female and have an active, up-to-date FB profile (sorry guys – we love ya, but this one’s just for the gals!). Not everyone will gain access, but if you have a genuine desire to connect, get some valuable advice, + stay plugged in with others along the same journey, (oh, and we only keep kind, supportive, and respectful peeps!) this could be your ticket. I chime in on a regular basis, answering Q’s . . . and as a BONUS, we do a monthly one-hour conference call centered around a topic and answering questions in the group posts!

Let’s Stay In Touch

All that being said, you’re still reading this page – so I already feel like we connect. So let’s make it official! Send over your name and your best email address so we won’t lose touch.

And hey, my inbox is overflowing too – so you can be sure that I’ll do my best to only send you stuff that’s worth your time. Why? Because I’m truly grateful that you’re allowing me to take part in your journey to a healthier, fitter you – no matter how big or small my part. Chat with you very soon, signature


Hi, I’m Michelle.

As a Nutritional Therapist & Holistic Health Coach, I've helped hundreds of women take their body and mind to a new level by using a unique Five Pillar (tm) approach. Short version: I teach them how to stop wasting time in the gym, clean up nutrition, be their own health advocate, and revamp their mindset to get to their fittest self ...

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