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Beyond Burning Fat is my weekly podcast dedicated to helping you become your healthiest, fittest self – one episode at a time. As you can guess – we discuss how to burn that extra fat, but we also dive much deeper so you can keep it off. From nutrition to mindset, we cover it all. Join us!


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Episode 34: Can You “Self-Love” Your Way to a Lower Body Fat?

BBF34 ArtworkWe’ve heard it before – “You just need to love yourself more – show more self-love”. And it’s a great notion. We need to. But HOW do we do that? Practically.

You probably already know the answer to the headline. So the really juicy stuff comes in the steps that can get you there.

Typically the advice is to “be more loving toward yourself”, or, “be more self-accepting”. But rarely is that followed up with practical advice on HOW to do so, especially if our pattern has been one more aligned with self-hatred.

Kind of like telling you to just be more self-loving and you’ll be more self-loving.

Duh. read more…

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Episode 32: Stress Eating – The Why, and What To Do With It

BBF32 ArtworkDo you have your go-to food or drink that seems to . . . chill you out?

A glass of wine? Chocolate? Or a deep dive into a tub of ice cream?

Yah, I hear ya.

There can be many factors that drive this behavior, but in this episode of the podcast (iTunes or Stitcher), we focus in on specifically how stress drives certain not-so-healthy eating patterns.

We dig into the trigger itself, and, a way that you can read more…

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Episode 31: What Competitive Bodybuilding Taught Me (& How It Can Help You Too!)

BBF31 ArtworkReaching an elite level of conditioning to walk onto a bodybuilding stage puts your life, habits, and beliefs under a microscope.

Although 99% of people will never want to get on a bodybuilding stage, there are many things to learn from those who have been crazzzzy enough to do so!

In this week’s episode we unpack read more…

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Episode 30: Principles of Building Natural Muscle

BBF30 ArtworkHave you ever envied a pair of guns, sexy shoulders, or six pack abs and wonder how you could have that too?

Or have you been lifting for a while and still long for someone to comment, “You must lift weights.”

Hold the phone. Before you get all “If I lift I’ll get too big”, or “I don’t want to get bigger, just toned,” (insert unimpressed emoji here), just hear me out. read more…

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Episode 29: Feeling Pressure to Eat Unhealthy in Social Settings?

SoBBF29 Artworkme times it’s not the voice in our head that tries to derail us, “Oh c’mon, live a bit!”

It’s friends.

And family.

Now that’s not to say that we don’t sometimes splurge, eat what the heck we want, and enjoy every . . . single . . . crunchy, fatty, sweet, or salty second of it. read more…

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Episode 28: Five Reasons Why You’re Not As Fit As You Want To Be

BBF28 ArtworkDo you ever feel that for the effort you’ve put in with being mindful of what you eat and adjusting your schedule to get regular workouts in, you should look different than you do?

More fit than you do? Better than you do?

In this episode of the podcast we dive into five SNEAKY reasons that may be roadblocking read more…

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Episode 26: Why You May Not Need to “Meditate”

BBF26 ArtworkDoes the word “meditation” have you shy away because it conjures up the image of sitting in a white gown chanting “OOOHM”?

It seems weird – like it’s for other people, not you. Or, you just don’t have time to sit down and unplug.

What if you’ve given way to the hype and found that you just . . . can’t . . . do . . . it.

You’re board, you fight to stay still, and get up saying, “well, that was a waste of time.”

Well, not to worry.

In this episode we highlight read more…

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