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Beyond Burning Fat is my weekly podcast dedicated to helping you become your healthiest, fittest self – one episode at a time. As you can guess – we discuss how to burn that extra fat, but we also dive much deeper so you can keep it off. From nutrition to mindset, we cover it all. Join us!


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Episode 52: I Had My Telomeres Tested (Results & All About Telomeres)

Have you heard of telomeres? Well, I had mine tested and I’ll share with you what my results were (partial spoiler alert: It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be).

What are telomeres?? Not only will I explain what they are in this episode, but we’ll take a look at what kind of insight they might have into your health and wellness.

Plus, if you haven’t had an opportunity to get on the waitlist for more information on my upcoming course The Top Five Blood Tests for Women: How to Order, Understand, & Monitor – make sure you do!

AND – in this episode I mention my private FB Group. I’d love for you to join us . . .

Modern Health Support & Coaching Group (See ya on the inside!)

Let’s get this party started! 🙂


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Episode 51: Emotional Over-Eating – What’s Up?

Want to dive deeper into your health? Go to to get on the waitlist for my upcoming course: The Top 5 Blood Tests for Women – How to Order, Understand, and Monitor 

In today’s episode, we chat about something very common . . . Emotional Over-Eating. Notice how I reference over eating, rather than just emotional eating. There’s a difference.

How do you know the difference? What are the red flags associated with it? Better yet, how do you turn the emotional over-eating ship around?

Not to worry. We talk about all this in today’s episode!

No more waiting – let’s push play and hang out for a while 😉

Here’s to your mental health!



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Episode 50: Is Liver “Detoxing” a Good Idea?

Are you on the waitlist for more info on my upcoming course The Top 5 Blood Tests for Women: How to Order, Understand, and Monitor yet? Don’t procrastinate – it’s my first online course offering and I’m keeping it small and interactive, and I hope to see you on the inside!

The liver! That’s what we’re talking about – more specifically, having a conversation around the idea of liver “detoxing”. Most people don’t even realize that the liver detoxes in two phases . . . that if you accidentally rev up one phase while the other is still sluggish, you can create more health problems. Or, that there’s actually a genetic predisposition that can give clues to your detox capacity, and that you can easily test for it. If you’ve ever thought about a liver detox, or even just taking some milk thistle, then this episode will give you something to think about.

OK, enough messin’ around – let’s get started! Click play on the bar above, or subscribe to the Podcast inside iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcasting app.

Here we go 😉 Chelle

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Episode 49: Thyroid Conversation

It comes up at least every week – some question related to hypothyroid or the thyroid in general. But there is a lot of confusion around how to test it, and how it’s connected to other organs and systems in the body.

Fatigue, hair loss and hair thinning, low cold tolerance, constipation, and stubborn fat loss are symptoms that can have you running to the doc and asking, “can you check my thyroid?”.

But all too often, that request leaves you with only a portion of your thyroid story.

In today’s episode I simply open up a conversation about thyroid and shed some light on thyroid function and testing so you have a jump start on your own research and discoveries into your own health.

If this kind of thing leaves you wanting more, then make sure to go to and get on the waitlist for my upcoming course:

Top 5 Blood Tests for Women: How to Order, Understand and Monitor 

I can’t wait!

OK, enough messin’ around, let’s dive in!


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Episode 48: Carb Sensitivity and Why Carbs Get a Bad Rap (is it fair?)

High carb, low carb . . . why all the focus on carbs? Is it all hype, or are there some things we should consider?

Why is there a difference between people that can eat all the “carbs” they want, and others just look at carbs and get bloated and gain weight?

That’s referred to as “carb tolerance”.

There are several things that can make up your carb tolerance. And, there’s some anecdotal evidence that points to the ability to even alter your carb tolerance, with some basic lifestyle changes.

So we dig into everything surrounding the idea of carbohydrates – and start to break down the “bad rap” that’s often associated with those energy-packed carbs.

Consider diving deeper into your health by learning about your own blood work, order your own blood work (from the top five “batches” I encourage my clients to order), and even how to work with your doctor in the evolving world of healthcare, then make sure you’re on the waitlist for the January 2018 release of our COURSE:

Top Five Blood Tests For Women How to Order, Understand, and Monitor Them . . . 

If you have questions or comments please, don’t be shy! Click the “contact” tab above, or the voicemail tab to the right. I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s get started!


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Episode 47: Question Everything!

Seems simple, but this is truly one of the best little tools in your tool box. Why?

It forces you to think about things outside the box. Especially when it’s something that you “believe”. And beliefs are nothing more than thoughts that we think, repeatedly. When we get “stuck” in a belief or thought process, we tend to just let it sit, unquestioned . . .

Whether that’s how you eat, how you workout, or your thoughts about particular people or relationships, when you read more…

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Episode 46: Vitamin D Masterclass

Do you know your Vitamin D status? No? Well, that makes you . . . normal. For starters, Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin. It actually acts just like a hormone. And nearly every cell in your body has a receptor for it!

It not only has a crucial role in many processes – read more…

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Episode 45: How “Shoulds” Keep You Unhealthy

We say simple things like, “Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten that”, or, “I should be working out more”. Even, “I shouldn’t have acted that way” – you know the drill. And such thoughts seem so innocent because intellectually we think that it helps us to do different or “better” next time, right? Or not.

read more…

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Episode 44: Are You Using This Easy, Cheap, At-Home Test?

COVER SM Podcast 44 Blood Glucose TestingWhat if there was a cheap, easy-to-use, at-home tool that you could use to see not only where you sat on the pre-diabetes or diabetes spectrum, but gain insight into how you handle carbohydrates, learn what the perfect amount of carbs are for you at this stage of your journey, understand where you might sit with insulin resistance, as well as get a peak into how your circadian rhythm is affecting your health?

Yep. This is the tool, and this is the podcast that will lay it all out for you. Almost every client (and me!) use it read more…

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Episode 43: Health Care Myths That May Surprise You

COVER SM Podcast 43 Health Care Myths (1)What comes to mind when I say “healthcare”? There’s a particular thought that arises for most people – and in this episode, we’re going to challenge that!

We’ll chat about seven popular “myths” of healthcare . . . and one or two just may open your mind to some things you haven’t thought about recently – OR EVER.

So join me and we’ll lay se groundwork for some upcoming, helpful podcast episodes that can help you feel empowered and begin to take responsibility for your health and how you feel (and, as a bonus, how you look!).

Let’s go!

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