recibir ayuda monetaria es una solucin a la crisisYou stayed late in the office all week, dealt with challenging clients and now it’s payday. You check your account – no deposit.

There must be some mistake.

Nope. In fact, you have an email from your boss: “Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication, but I’m just not able to pay you this time.”

Crazy, right?

That’s very similar to how we think when we’re aiming to lose fat, and we get on that scale at the end of the week: “OK, I got all my workouts in, I ate really well all week, I should be down at least 2 pounds . . . ” Then, goose egg. Nothing. No change.

Or is there?

Rather than thinking of your fat loss as a hourly job, view it like an entrepreneur starting a company.

Entrepreneurs embrace delayed gratification – having full faith that as long as they put in the work and stay the course, they’ll have something amazing, and eventually freeing, to show for it.

Hourly workers operate from a mindset of one hour of work equals one hour of pay.

Working for yourself comes with long hours and little immediate return sometimes. There are small wins that have you fired up, thinking “Oh man! I love this!”, and setbacks that have you exclaim, “Why did I ever decide to do this!?”

That’s normal. 

Did you read? NORMAL.

What keeps an entrepreneur plugged in to the lifestyle is knowing that they won’t be a slave to a traditional boss, they’ll have the opportunity to not trade time for dollars, they’ll have some creative freedom and be able to make their own schedule.

And this is no different than your goals to be lean, strong, fit and healthy.

You stay plugged in to a healthy lifestyle knowing that you won’t be a slave to calorie counting, you’ll have the opportunity to eat intuitively most of the time, yet maintain a fit body, and you’ll have some freedom from excessive exercise and obsessive thoughts around food.

Sometimes it will take “long hours” that seem to not have any return. BUT, if you put in the time – eat right, get exercise, pay attention to sleep, reduce and manage stress, and change things up once in a while – you will eventually see the results.

You’ll “build that company” of a fit body that allows you to not only look good, but feel great.

Yet, if you hold on to the idea that your body didn’t pay you for all of your hard work by making the scale drop – well, you’re in for less than stellar results. 

Here’s why.

* There are things going on under the surface that you not only know nothing about, but couldn’t measure if you tried. Metabolic shifts, hormone shifts, cellular repair, energy distribution, water equalization, just to name a few.

* Given equal amounts of fat and muscle, muscle takes up roughly half the space. That means you can weigh the same, yet be smaller, fitter, and more shapely. It also means the scale can stay the same, yet you are smaller.

* The “paycheck mentality” is an attitude that’s black-and-white, yet the dynamic biology of the body is nothing but grey. It’s like using the wrong tool for the job.

* When you don’t get “paid”, let’s be honest. You feel slighted. You feel like all of that work was for nothing. That breeds a bad atttitude. You can’t get positive results from a negative attitude, even if you are doing all the right things.

So what mindset would help in this situation? 

I’m so glad you asked!

Try this:

* Make your win for the week be how well you executed your positive habits (exercising, eating, sleeping, managing stress, supplements). If you reach more than 80% – then you reached the goal. So, before you even step on that scale, you win. Because if the scale doesn’t change, does that mean you go back to eating crappy and not getting enough exercise? I think not.

* Think of a drop on the scale as a bonus. An extra. It’s not the only measure – sure, eventually you may need to see a drop, if you have some to lose, but still view a scale drop like metabolic left-overs.

* When the scale stays the same, don’t assume there’s no change. Go to other means of measuring progress: energy level, increased strength, circumference measurements, comparison pictures, and evaluating your overall program for variety.

* When the scale doesn’t drop, think of it like your body is testing you. Are you going to stick to your healthy convictions, regardless? Really? How much do you really want this? If you’re loyal and don’t quit, you’ll eventually win.

So embrace being a healthy lifestyle entrepreneur, not a hourly worker.

Your best version of your body will come from the accumulation of all the small daily habits over time.

You can bank on that 😉

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