BBF34 ArtworkWe’ve heard it before – “You just need to love yourself more – show more self-love”. And it’s a great notion. We need to. But HOW do we do that? Practically.

You probably already know the answer to the headline. So the really juicy stuff comes in the steps that can get you there.

Typically the advice is to “be more loving toward yourself”, or, “be more self-accepting”. But rarely is that followed up with practical advice on HOW to do so, especially if our pattern has been one more aligned with self-hatred.

Kind of like telling you to just be more self-loving and you’ll be more self-loving.


In this episode we dive into the juicy stuff by breaking down three exercises that actually trick you into brining up loving feelings for yourself – or feelings associated with love. Like understanding, affection, tenderness, and trust.

That can begin to turn the self-hatred ship around . . . have you feeling on a deep level, dare I say it, more loving feelings toward yourself. And yes. That plays a part in creating a fit body and rockin’ health.

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Ok, enough babbling. Let’s dive in!


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