How I Coach

When we work together, either through online classes, video + audio intensives, or one-on-one, you’ll get to the root of what stands in the way of you being your healthiest, fittest self – and living a healthy lifestyle. Coaching with me is: Pragmatic. You’ll be able to immediately apply what you learn. Individualized. Unique to you – no two consults are alike! Different. As a team, we’ll dive into the FIVE PILLARS ™ and dig deep . . .

Pillar 1. Diet & Nutrition.

Evaluate current diet, address deficiencies, educate and implement strategies to improve nutrition specific to your needs and goals.

Pillar 2. Exercise & Movement.

Evaluate current level, type, duration, and what you need to reach optimal health and physical goals. We’ll discuss exercise philosophy, weight training theory, and education on various intensities needed for your body.

Pillar 3. Rest & Recovery.

Evaluate current sleep regime and, if needed, implement strategies to improve it (including rituals, habits, supplements, and testing as needed).

Pillar 4. Supplements & Testing.

Evaluate current regime and suggest a basic daily protocol, as well as temporary protocol for more specific issues. Blood, saliva, urine or stool testing is sometimes needed – and a variety of tests can be ordered according to individual needs.

Pillar 5. Proactive Stress Reduction & Mindset.

Practice using tools and fostering habits that promote the reduction of stress and its effects – often identifying and adjusting the perception of stress and cultivating body awareness. This can include (but is not limited to) various in-depth discussions on human relationships, food issues, childhood, stressful events, anxiety, etc.

Mindset Is the Common Thread

Under each category, we address mindset. Even if you do “all the right things”, a toxic mindset can sabotage even the best efforts! Bottom line: This isn’t just coaching. It’s completely life changing – from the inside out. Yup. You and me. Helping you become a better you . . . inside the body you desire.   What are you waiting for? Check out the options of how to work with me – or request an Intake form and a spot on the personal coaching waiting list. Here’s to a healthier, fitter you . . . errr . .  us! signature