Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do you work with people over the Internet?

Yes! That’s virtually 100% of my business currently. I’ve perfected Internet coaching and we stay connected through phone consults, Skype, or Facetime webcam consults (for face-to-face), email, and text. I’ve worked with clients not only around the US, but Greece, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and Australia – even US Military stationed in Asia as well. Through pictures, phone, measurements, and even video, I can get a clear-cut visual and after just a few consults, you’ll feel like we’ve known each other for years.

Do you only work with Figure Competitors (bodybuilders)?

No! Figure Competitors are only about 15% of my business (a unique niche). Although, they do tend to get the most attention because of the level of visibility and because it takes a very special level of expertise to coach through the challenges that competitors face in reaching an elite level of conditioning while keeping overall health as a priority. I use the same coaching principles for figure competitors as I do for my regular clients – it’s just taken to a whole new level of precision and discipline . . . a level that most people will never want to achieve. I will say that the transformation of competitors’ physiques provides a great example of what’s possible.

What if I wanted in-person consults?

Currently, my face-to-face consults are via webcam on Skype. Skype is currently a free tool that can be used virtually anywhere in the world. This allows me to keep my coaching prices very reasonable by stacking consulting times while travel time, costs and overhead are virtually none. Occasionally, for local clients, I can meet in person for an additional fee, and in-person is always the case when I conduct various clinics or public speaking engagements.

What does a program or package include?

A coaching program – or package –  consists currently of 12 sessions at a modest discount and includes:

  • A complete evaluation based off of your detailed Intake Form
  • A custom document specific to you and your goals that outlines how we will proceed with your nutrition and exercise plan, as well as areas of improvement based on five distinct areas (see: How I Coach tab)
  • Weekly consults (55 min) to be used within 12 months (one year) of purchase date (See Work With Me tab)
  • “Choose your own pace . . . and budget” concept – twice a week consults? every week? every other week? monthly? All good. However, the most common plan is weekly for 12 weeks
  • Email and text support as needed, which is in addition to the individual consults

Programs can be virtually any focus. The most popular are for general fat loss, improving health markers, reducing stress to assist in health and wellness, challenge-specific such as PCOS and diabetes, and preparing for a figure competition. And be prepared — oftentimes the weekly meetings get pretty intense as we dive deep into your relationship with food and begin to rebuild old mindset and habits to open the door up for real, lasting change.

How much does a program cost?

Currently, a custom coaching/counseling program costs $800 for 12 sessions (prices subject to change without notice). Click on the “Work With Me” Tab above, for more details.

What are the payment options? Is there a payment plan?

Currently there are no payment options. However, there are other ways to “work with me” that might fit the budget – even some free options!

What if I must discontinue coaching after I get started?

This is rare, but if for any reason you need to suspend coaching, that’s understandable. For the session packages, you have up to a full year from purchase date to use them. After that date, any unused sessions shall be forfeited.

What is the hourly consulting rate?

Currently, hourly consulting is $75 (prices subject to change), and lasts a total of 55 minutes. Click on the “Work With Me” Tab above, for more details.

What happens during an hour consult?

Technically, you can customize it to exactly the information you’re looking to acquire, whether that’s advice on what to eat or tips on how to cook, specific ways to change up your exercise routine, translation of your blood work results, evaluation of your current regime, or to just ask a bunch of questions that you’ve always wanted answered.

However, the most productive consults begin with filling out the Intake Form – which is required for me to provide any customized coaching and/or guidance. With it, I’m able to assess your current nutritional status, discuss areas that need attention or adjustments, as well as make specific recommendations, including testing and supplement recommendations that will have you well on your way to your goals. It’s these things that we go over in detail during the consult time – and the 55 mins tends to be jam-packed! Just check out some of the raving reviews!

Do you allow audio recording of the consult?

No. And recording from your end violates our Privacy Policy and Terms Policy.

Occasionally, if you’re a great example that others can really relate to and learn from, I will ask if I can audio record from my end – of course, with your full permission and consent. Snippets (anonymous on your end) may be used as teaching points for others in the form of a MP3 or in a podcast. Of course, this is always with your prior knowledge and consent.

Is hourly consulting different from the consulting within a coaching plan or package?

Yes, and no. Weekly coaching within a program tends to build on itself, as well as become more fine-tuned as we progress based on the results you’re getting with the things we’ve implemented. It’s far more of a complete process where we continually improve and get closer to your goal(s).

With hourly consulting, I tend to step into your world for that scheduled time, assess, and make recommendations. Although we will have covered a lot and you’ll have plenty to implement when we’re done, it’s far more self-directed.

Do you recommend supplements?

Most of the time, yes. Some are what I call “core”, or staple supplementation to be taken most of the time. Others are specific to the individual and usually for a specified period, and for a specified and defined purpose. These of course are only recommendations. Although you’ll get a list of supplements specific to your needs, their cost is not included in the plan. I generally suggest some online sources for competitive pricing, variety, quality, and often free shipping. I do not represent any particular company or product line; rather, I look to recommend the best quality at a reasonable price, which sometimes has me changing it up for your best interest.

What kinds of things are covered in the weekly consults?

Many clients do well to fill out a weekly check-in sheet (although not all), which I find to be most helpful with evaluating progress as well as identifying how the plan needs to be adjusted. However, we can be just as productive with on-demand evaluations of the previous week (or time since we last consulted). We typically discuss

  • A brief check in for each of the Five Categories (Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress Reduction, and Supplements)
  • Change in your physique (can include weight, pictures, measurements, or your observations as needed)
  • What worked, what didn’t work since we last consulted
  • What challenges you had, what went well
  • Opportunity to discuss deeper issues – such as your relationship with food, stress triggers, etc.
  • Evaluate your journal together (food, stress, or otherwise)
  • Make needed adjustments or changes to current program to keep you on target for your goal(s)
  • Answer your questions
  • And – sometimes things that are not listed here!
  • End with you feeling good about the upcoming week

Does insurance pay for nutritional consulting/counseling?

At this time I do not accept insurance. However, if you request it, some insurance companies or HSA plans will credit nutritional counseling, health coaching, life coaching, nutritional therapy, and out-of-pocket cost for blood work from a reputable lab toward your yearly deductible.

Is there blood work required?

No, however there are many instances where I suggest getting some done either to pinpoint an area of concern or to establish a solid baseline. It’s an extremely valuable tool when talking to your doctor, as well as great education on your own health. I am a big supporter of taking charge of your own health and being your own best health advocate.

I refer out to various labs across the country – the same labs that your own doctor may use – and you don’t need a doctor’s referral to get it done. Outside of the US, or where otherwise prohibited, you can request that your doctor or naturopath order certain tests, and request a copy of the original lab test results to be sent to you directly,  to accomplish virtually the same thing.

Although diagnosing is beyond my scope of practice, I do educate you on what is actually being tested, as well as where you sit on the spectrum of results as related to the reference range. There are many basic, natural nutritional choices and protocols, as well as healthy habits that have the potential to improve cholesterol, inflammatory markers, improve or reverse diabetes or pre-diabetes, avoid autoimmune flare-ups, as well as many others – of course, in concert with your own physician’s recommendations.

When requested, I will often lay out our plan and you can take it to your doctor and get his or her approval on our natural approach to improving your habits.

Do you help with meal planning or provide menus?

I typically don’t provide menus; rather, I teach a PHILOSOPHY of eating and give basic food lists and educate on choices and cooking methods. I find that it goes much further if I teach eating theory rather than giving you an “eat this” plan (teach a man to fish?). However, there is that occasional client (albeit rare!) that actually performs best with a relatively rigid “plan” to follow; however, I continually evaluate how well that works for that individual and if it actually produces the desired state of mind (non-obsessive, happy, and healthy).

I also sometimes guide in helping you re-vamp some of your favorite or typical meals to make them healthier. Meal theory (or meal plans, if you prefer) usually start off very basic and you can add in flavor and variety as we go and as you feel comfortable to branch out. Variety is key. Of course, in our weekly consults within your coaching program or as individuals, we can go over a typical “menu” to get you started, then adjustments to that template will begin to become second nature, and intuitive.

When are appointments available?

Contact me for current availability. Although limited, I accommodate a variety of schedules and time zones. Typically scheduling is approximately two weeks out.  All consult times are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time (WA State, USA).

How do I schedule an appointment?

Send me an email by filling out the contact form below, or call my voicemail line at 503.454.6263 – it’s as easy as that! We will set up a time that’s good for us both.

How do I prepare for a consult, or what information do I need to provide for the Intake Form?

The Intake Form is basic information as well as your goals and some more in-depth history. It also includes a 3-day food journal of everything you eat (the more detailed the better – amounts and the time of day is helpful too), as well as what a typical week of structured and non-structured exercise looks for you currently. So those things you can get a head start on gathering. The best option is to request an intake form by filling out the contact form below, and begin filling it out when it arrives. It comes as an attachment in email (word doc) that you can download, fill out, and send back as an attachment no less than 48 hours before our scheduled consult.

What is your cancellation policy?

I require a 48-hour cancellation notice via phone, text, or email. This is a courtesy to me so I can easily fill your spot or adjust my schedule. Although at this time there is no financial penalty, I reserve the right to ask for advance payment or only schedule you at non-peak consult times for future consults, or to not grant a future request for consultation.

Do you accept credit cards – how are payments accepted?

I currently do all billing through Paypal. You do NOT need to have a Paypal account to pay with any major credit or debit card using Paypal services. In very rare cases, I may accept person check or money order, but there is a 7 to 10 day clearing period in most cases.

Do you provide grocery store tours?

Yes! In rare cases, if you’re local, and an additional fee applies along with a two hour minimum. Educating you on the best food choices, as well as reading labels, etc. Includes a handout with a typical grocery list. Pricing is slightly different – send an email with your request by filling out the contact form below.

Do you provide kitchen evaluations?

Yes! In rare cases, if you’re local, and an additional fee applies along with a three hour minimum. It includes a pantry clean out, fridge and freezer clean out with education as we go. Also, a list of helpful kitchen items to help you make your kitchen very productive and a valuable tool in your healthy lifestyle. Pricing is slightly different – send an email with your request by filling out the contact form below.

Do you provide cooking instruction?

Occasionally, yes. In rare cases, if you’re local, and an additional fee applies along with a three hour minimum. It includes a list of items to get and what demonstration we’ll be doing – right in your own kitchen. Typically this is a simplistic demonstration on cooking vegetables so they are tasty, as well as what spices to use to make basic proteins taste good (typically a demo on chicken or ground beef, etc.). It is for the person who has very limited cooking skills yet wants to learn how to make simple, healthy food taste great. Pricing is slightly different – send an email with your request by filling out the contact form below. You can always check out my YouTube channel, as some basic, and easy cooking methods will be demonstrated!

What if my question wasn’t answered here?

No problem! Drop me a voicemail at 503.454.6263, use the contact tab, or fill out the contact form below. I’d be happy to hear from you!