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Who do I work with?

Women (and men) who:

  • Have tried many things and still have less-than-impressive results, or no long-term results, and have questions that need to be answered
  • Have gotten some results, but can’t seem to take their body “to the next level”, or have hit a seemingly impassable plateau
  • Realize there is MORE to looking and feeling great than just a meal plan or a workout schedule
  • Are ready and willing to sign up for the challenges that come with building a new lifestyle of health and fitness – nutritionally and spiritually
  • Are desiring (and excited) about taking responsibility for their own health and wellness (and if you’re not quite there yet, no worries, you will be!)


If You Desire One-on-One Consulting . . .

Space is limited. Please contact me to be placed on the waitlist for packages – hourly consults, when available, are typically booked approximately two weeks out.  Click here for Rates and Testing Options


Hi, I’m Michelle.

As a Nutritional Therapist & Holistic Health Coach, I've helped hundreds of women take their body and mind to a new level by using a unique Five Pillar (tm) approach. Short version: I teach them how to stop wasting time in the gym, clean up nutrition, be their own health advocate, and revamp their mindset to get to their fittest self ...

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Frustrated With Not-So-Good Results?

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