Bone Broth Turkey Chili

Bone Broth Turkey ChiliIf you make homemade crockpot bone broth – what do you do with it? Drink a cup like tea (because, yes, it IS that good for you!), put it in soups, or make some chili!

Here are the ingredients:

Two 1lb. packages of 99% lean turkey, two packages of Simply Organic Vegetarian Chili spice packets (or your own blend), 2 cans of organic pinto read more…

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The Danger of a Good Trainer or Coach

Danger Of A Good Trainer PICHow can a good trainer or coach be dangerous?

OK, “dangerous” is a bit strong (guilty!). Not in any obvious way, of course – but in a sneaky one.

Good trainers and coaches (especially great ones) are extremely valuable and can be the catalyst to your personal transformation – from knowledge, to accountability, to being your #1 cheerleader.

But here’s what you (and they) may not realize. read more…

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Eating Out On Vacation and Staying on Track (Without Obsessing!)

You’ve been so good about eating well and getting regular exercise. And it’s paid off.

But now you’re nervous.

Because it’s summer.

And you have vacation coming up . . . with your family.

Does that mean you throw all caution to the wind? You’ll deal with the consequences later? Where the heck is the balance?

I have an systematic approach to diet to help keep you on track – at least maintain – while livin’ it up on vacation. read more…

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You Are What You . . . (Three Things)

We are complicated beings, and arguably there are millions of things that actually “make” each of us.

But let’s look at three big ideas that specifically contribute to your pysique and health.


1. You Are What You Eat . . . Ate.

What we typically hear is “you are what you eat!”. But it goes further than that. read more…

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Is the “Paycheck” Mentality Blocking Your Fat Loss?

recibir ayuda monetaria es una solucin a la crisisYou stayed late in the office all week, dealt with challenging clients and now it’s payday. You check your account – no deposit.

There must be some mistake.

Nope. In fact, you have an email from your boss: “Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication, but I’m just not able to pay you this time.”

Crazy, right? read more…

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Part 1: Plateau? Even Though You Are Eating Healthy? Three Diet Shifts to Explore

Unhappy woman because of her weightYou were doing pretty well in the fat loss department – then it all seemed to come to a screeching halt.

What now? You don’t know where to go, since you’ve been eating healthy and exercising already.

It’s what we normally refer to as the dreaded “plateau”. But a plateau is actually a good thing. It’s what makes us so hardy, adaptable, and allows us to survive even in the most dire of situations.

Great. Tell that to the swim suit that has a date with you on the beach this summer. read more…

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Should You Work Out While Sick? Three Questions To Ask Yourself.

Caucasian female with flu blowing her nose

Sneezing. Coughing. Stuffy head. To workout or not workout. That is the question.

This isn’t a question you ask when you’re in bed with a 101 degree fever and could only run if the house was on fire. Of course you’re going to skip your workout!

Rather, this is for those ambiguous times – when you feel bad, but not that bad.

Here are three things to ask yourself before you slip on those workout shoes. read more…

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When To Live “In The Now”

Live in the now messageWe have all heard the admonition to live in the now. And, yes we should . . . sometimes. 

Think about it. If we lived “in the now” all the time, we wouldn’t get much done.

Intellectually we know that things happen in the now. In fact, that’s the only place things happen. But we continuously fluctuate between thoughts about the future, past, and present all day long.

Common sense tells us that we need a balance.

If we spend too much of our attention outside of the now – in the future or in the past – then we read more…

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