COVER SM Podcast 44 Blood Glucose TestingWhat if there was a cheap, easy-to-use, at-home tool that you could use to see not only where you sat on the pre-diabetes or diabetes spectrum, but gain insight into how you handle carbohydrates, learn what the perfect amount of carbs are for you at this stage of your journey, understand where you might sit with insulin resistance, as well as get a peak into how your circadian rhythm is affecting your health?

Yep. This is the tool, and this is the podcast that will lay it all out for you. Almost every client (and me!) use it as a staple tool in our nutritional and health-care tool box.

So, we’ll not only tell you what test it is (yah, I’m holding that back on purpose – c’mon, a little suspense is good for ya!), but how to get it, and how to use it as a very powerful tool to guide your choices and improve your health and physique!

So join us as we dive deep into this one – we’ll see ya on the inside! OH! And don’t forget to subscribe the podcast as well as leave a review if you find it helpful . . . karma is a good thing (and, heck, it’s kinda like a tip for all my hard work ;-))



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