When I’m asked what I do for a living, I say:

“I work with women who want to take their health and body to a new level, but haaa-ate the idea of another ‘diet’”.


But what I really want to say is:

“I show women how to take control of their health (and thus their physique), teach them how to get the body they want when they look into the mirror – which usually begins with digging into why they haven’t done it already.”


And what I really, really want to say is:

“I spend countless hours devouring self-help + psychology books & comb through piles of nutritional data & research and simplify it into unique strategies & online classes that help women tear down “issues” around food & body image, take the reins of their own health through ordering and understanding their own tests, & build a lifestyle that uncovers the fit, confident woman that – oddly enough – already lives inside of them.”


Hello! I’m Michelle Herzog.

As you’ve likely deduced, I teach women how to:

  • wrangle nutrition so it serves their body (healthy body fat – check!)
  • take control of their health (order and understand their own blood tests – check!)
  • tame the voice in their head that seems to go wherever the wind blows (tear down thoughts + beliefs that don’t serve them – check!)

This is my calling, and I luv luv luv it.Michelle pic Black Tank Top edit2

When it comes to helping women uncover their inner fit chick, I’m the real deal.

  • I’ve got almost a decade of experience as a health + wellness virtuoso
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of clients one-on-one in health, nutrition, and even natural bodybuilding, in the US,Canada, UK, + Australia.
  • I’ve got an eclectic background that my clients benefit from – everything from horse psychology, to pre-med undergraduate studies, to the first year of graduate medical school, to almost a decade in the Natural Bodybuilding world.

(Oh yah – and did I mention three awesome kids ranging from 9 – 22 yrs old?)

My clients regularly experience life-changing shifts – both mentally + physically.

And I don’t just preach it, I aim to live it as well, as an educated 40-something mother that not only runs a thriving online business, but has a very successful, National-level bodybuilding career under her belt.

And when I’m not designing my next online class – or diving in deep with a client – you can find me on a beach (running shoes or barefoot), playing tennis, scheming of ways to make my 9-year old belly laugh, sweating while lifting something heavy (and enjoying every second of it!), or hiking with my hubby and our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bailey (aka Bales, Handsome Devil, Bailey-Kins, Bailsey, or “Hay Bales”).  

If you must peer behind the curtain, here’s more . . . last warning – you can’t “unread” this afterwards! 😉

  1. The hubby and I will randomly binge watch Lie to Me and the Big Bang Theory. And when he leaves the room, I flip on The Real Housewives of OC and Beverly Hills (Don’t judge ;-))
  1. I’m obsessed with nerdy physics books and I often peruse medical textbooks – in my own home library – just for fun.
  1. When I (rarely) skip an exercise session, I will play tug-o-war with our 110 pound man-dog and call it a “back and biceps workout”.
  1. I didn’t learn to whistle until I was 30 – I know, random.
  1. I sometimes workout to slow music (Beyonce’s I Was Here anyone?), but from the outside it looks like my ears are flooded with AC/DC’s Back In Black.
  1. I prep food, cook, + clean the house while listening to non-fiction audio books on Audible – I call it my Domestic Education (PhD, I’m sure!).
  1. I silently correct other people’s grammar – which likely means that I need some correcting of my own (eh ehm . . . feel free to drop me a line if you catch one ;-))
  1. I have enough workout shoes to pave a city block, but I only rotate through about three pair. And I wear them ‘til they’re toast.
  1. I hate to shop at the mall. BUT, I can meander the aisles of Whole Foods Market and read all the labels on “healthy” foods for hours. Go figure.
  1. I am living proof that you can navigate your own health: recover from burned out adrenals, clear up adult acne, have a healthy relationship with food, repair body dysmorphia, and even gain 50 lb. while pregnant, struggle with gestational diabetes + high blood pressure – yet turn it around and compete naturally on a National Bodybuilding stage less than 8 months later (and make top five, nonetheless).

I am proof that with a little effort, you can fully live a healthy lifestyle, and look like you do – regardless of the fast food laden, under-active, overly stressed out society that typically surrounds us. It starts from the inside.

Ready for more?

Check out this (upcoming) collection of online classes. Listen and absorb at your own pace. Flirt with (then tackle) the mental exercises & dabble in the nutritional simplicity. You are your own experiment; so don’t be shy. Gather some tools that will help you figure out what YOU need to be your best (brain and bod). So stick in your headphones, grab a notebook, pen & a cup o’ joe – and let the transformation begin!



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