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The liver! That’s what we’re talking about – more specifically, having a conversation around the idea of liver “detoxing”. Most people don’t even realize that the liver detoxes in two phases . . . that if you accidentally rev up one phase while the other is still sluggish, you can create more health problems. Or, that there’s actually a genetic predisposition that can give clues to your detox capacity, and that you can easily test for it. If you’ve ever thought about a liver detox, or even just taking some milk thistle, then this episode will give you something to think about.

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Here we go 😉 Chelle

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It comes up at least every week – some question related to hypothyroid or the thyroid in general. But there is a lot of confusion around how to test it, and how it’s connected to other organs and systems in the body.

Fatigue, hair loss and hair thinning, low cold tolerance, constipation, and stubborn fat loss are symptoms that can have you running to the doc and asking, “can you check my thyroid?”.

But all too often, that request leaves you with only a portion of your thyroid story.

In today’s episode I simply open up a conversation about thyroid and shed some light on thyroid function and testing so you have a jump start on your own research and discoveries into your own health.

If this kind of thing leaves you wanting more, then make sure to go to and get on the waitlist for my upcoming course:

Top 5 Blood Tests for Women: How to Order, Understand and Monitor 

I can’t wait!

OK, enough messin’ around, let’s dive in!


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