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Do you know your Vitamin D status? No? Well, that makes you . . . normal. For starters, Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin. It actually acts just like a hormone. And nearly every cell in your body has a receptor for it!

It not only has a crucial role in many processes – (more…)

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We say simple things like, “Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten that”, or, “I should be working out more”. Even, “I shouldn’t have acted that way” – you know the drill. And such thoughts seem so innocent because intellectually we think that it helps us to do different or “better” next time, right? Or not.


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Hi, I’m Michelle.

As a Nutritional Therapist & Holistic Health Coach, I've helped hundreds of women take their body and mind to a new level by using a unique Five Pillar (tm) approach. Short version: I teach them how to stop wasting time in the gym, clean up nutrition, be their own health advocate, and revamp their mindset to get to their fittest self ...

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