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COVER SM Podcast 44 Blood Glucose TestingWhat if there was a cheap, easy-to-use, at-home tool that you could use to see not only where you sat on the pre-diabetes or diabetes spectrum, but gain insight into how you handle carbohydrates, learn what the perfect amount of carbs are for you at this stage of your journey, understand where you might sit with insulin resistance, as well as get a peak into how your circadian rhythm is affecting your health?

Yep. This is the tool, and this is the podcast that will lay it all out for you. Almost every client (and me!) use it (more…)

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COVER SM Podcast 43 Health Care Myths (1)What comes to mind when I say “healthcare”? There’s a particular thought that arises for most people – and in this episode, we’re going to challenge that!

We’ll chat about seven popular “myths” of healthcare . . . and one or two just may open your mind to some things you haven’t thought about recently – OR EVER.

So join me and we’ll lay se groundwork for some upcoming, helpful podcast episodes that can help you feel empowered and begin to take responsibility for your health and how you feel (and, as a bonus, how you look!).

Let’s go!

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Hi, I’m Michelle.

As a Nutritional Therapist & Holistic Health Coach, I've helped hundreds of women take their body and mind to a new level by using a unique Five Pillar (tm) approach. Short version: I teach them how to stop wasting time in the gym, clean up nutrition, be their own health advocate, and revamp their mindset to get to their fittest self ...

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