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Have you heard of telomeres? Well, I had mine tested and I’ll share with you what my results were (partial spoiler alert: It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be).

What are telomeres?? Not only will I explain what they are in this episode, but we’ll take a look at what kind of insight they might have into your health and wellness.

Plus, if you haven’t had an opportunity to get on the waitlist for more information on my upcoming course The Top Five Blood Tests for Women: How to Order, Understand, & Monitor – make sure you do!

AND – in this episode I mention my private FB Group. I’d love for you to join us . . .

Modern Health Support & Coaching Group (See ya on the inside!)

Let’s get this party started! 🙂


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Want to dive deeper into your health? Go to to get on the waitlist for my upcoming course: The Top 5 Blood Tests for Women – How to Order, Understand, and Monitor 

In today’s episode, we chat about something very common . . . Emotional Over-Eating. Notice how I reference over eating, rather than just emotional eating. There’s a difference.

How do you know the difference? What are the red flags associated with it? Better yet, how do you turn the emotional over-eating ship around?

Not to worry. We talk about all this in today’s episode!

No more waiting – let’s push play and hang out for a while 😉

Here’s to your mental health!



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